Cannabis DTC Platform

Cannabis DTC Platform : HeroJane Cannabis Brands in the California Market

HeroJane is a pioneering platform that revolutionizes the brand and consumer relationship in the California cannabis market. The company provides infrastructure, licensing, and management services to empower cannabis brands and connect them directly with consumers. This case study explores how HeroJane has positioned itself as a key player in the industry by offering unique solutions and driving growth for cannabis brands. HeroJane is much more than Cannabis DTC Platform.

Herojane : Cannabis DTC Platform & Multivendor Ecommerce Platform

The cannabis industry in California has experienced significant growth and regulatory changes in recent years. However, many brands face challenges navigating the complex landscape, establishing a market presence, and effectively reaching consumers. HeroJane(Multivendor Ecommerce Platform) recognized these obstacles and set out to create a platform that addresses the specific needs of cannabis brands. We helped them develop their platform using our WordPress Development Service.

Challenges Faced By Multivendor Ecommerce Platform

The primary objectives of developing as a multivendor e-commerce marketplace for marijuana were as follows:

  1. Robust E-commerce Platform: Create a reliable and scalable platform to facilitate the buying and selling of marijuana products online.
  2. Custom Tax Calculation: Implement a feature to calculate custom taxes based on the customer’s city or location to ensure compliance with local regulations.
  3. Order Limit Management: Develop a mechanism to set and enforce order limits on specific products to comply with legal restrictions and prevent misuse.
  4. User-Friendly Interface: Design an intuitive and user-friendly interface that allows customers to browse products, make purchases, and provide feedback easily.
  5. Vendor Management: Provide vendors with a seamless onboarding process, inventory management tools, and sales analytics to track their performance and optimize their operations.



  1. Requirement Analysis: Conducted in-depth discussions with the stakeholders at to understand their business goals, target audience, and specific requirements for the e-commerce platform.
  2. Platform Selection and Development: Selected a suitable e-commerce platform and customized it to meet the unique needs of a marijuana multivendor marketplace. Developed the platform using robust coding practices and ensured compatibility with various devices and browsers.
  3. Custom Tax Calculation: Integrated a custom tax calculation feature that determines the applicable tax rate based on the customer’s city or location. This was achieved through integration with local tax databases and APIs.
  4. Order Limit Management: Implemented a mechanism to set order limits for specific products based on legal restrictions. This included developing a product management system that allows vendors to specify the maximum quantity that customers can order.
  5. User-Friendly Interface: Created an intuitive and visually appealing interface that lets customers easily browse products, filter search results, view product details, and complete purchases. User testing and feedback were incorporated to optimize the user experience.
  6. Vendor Management: Developed a vendor onboarding process that streamlined registration, verification, and product listing. Provided vendors with a dedicated portal to manage their inventory, track sales, and access performance analytics.
Cannabis DTC Platform Multivendor Ecommerce Platform
Cannabis DTC Platform Multivendor Ecommerce Platform


  1. Robust E-commerce Platform: The development of as a multivendor marketplace provided a reliable and scalable platform for vendors to sell marijuana products online. The platform supported a growing number of vendors and products, ensuring a diverse and extensive product catalog for customers.
  2. Custom Tax Calculation: The implementation of custom tax calculations based on the customer’s city or location ensured compliance with local regulations. This feature provided accurate tax calculations during checkout, enhancing transparency and legal compliance.
  3. Order Limit Management: The order limit management feature helped enforce legal restrictions on specific products, preventing customers from exceeding the maximum allowed quantity. This feature ensured compliance and prevented misuse of regulated marijuana products.
  4. User-Friendly Interface: The user-friendly interface of improved the overall shopping experience for customers. Easy navigation, intuitive product search, and streamlined checkout processes contributed to increased customer satisfaction and repeat purchases.
  5. Vendor Management: The dedicated vendor management portal empowered vendors to effectively manage their inventory, track sales, and access performance analytics. This feature enhanced vendor satisfaction and facilitated data-driven decision-making for business growth.


The development of as a Cannabis DTC Platform as well as a Multivendor Ecommerce Platform for marijuana successfully achieved the objectives of providing a robust platform, implementing custom tax calculations based on city, and managing order limits on products. The website’s user-friendly interface and comprehensive vendor management tools contributed to a seamless shopping experience for customers and streamlined operations for vendors. By adhering to legal requirements and leveraging innovative features, positioned itself as a trusted and compliant platform in the marijuana industry, facilitating business growth and customer satisfaction.

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