Enhancing Visual Appeal for an e-commerce site

Lulu & Stone is an established online store specializing in beautifully designed cookie stamps and cutters. With a massive user base and over 40,000 orders, the company recognized the need to revamp their product detail page and enhance the backend functionality to meet custom requirements and ensure a secure code base. This case study explores the process and outcomes of the website upgrade.

Customer Insights

The primary objective of the project was to enhance the user experience on the product detail page and provide custom features to improve product discoverability. The company wanted¬† “Enhancing Visual Appeal” for their website.¬†Additionally, the company aimed to strengthen the backend infrastructure to handle multiple product-related data efficiently and ensure the security of the code base.

Enhancing Visual Appeal for an e-commerce site

Business Challenges

The project presented several challenges, including:

  • Revamping the product detail page without disrupting the existing website’s functionality.
  • Implementing a search bar dropdown feature to display the top five most-sold products of the previous month.
  • Developing a scalable backend system capable of handling large amounts of product data.
  • Ensuring the security of the code base to protect customer information and prevent unauthorized access.


Planning and Analysis:

Identified areas for improvement by doing a detailed review of the current website.

Together with stakeholders, I defined specific requirements for the search bar dropdown and backend improvements.

prioritized security procedures to protect client information and stop possible weaknesses.

Product Detail Page Revamp for Enhancing Visual Appeal:

To enhance the user experience and visual appeal, the product detail page layout was redesigned.

Streamlined presentation of product details, such as precise pricing, thorough descriptions, and readable photos.

A responsive design was put into place to guarantee compatibility with a range of screens and devices.


Search Bar Dropdown:

Created a unique module to monitor and evaluate product sales information.

The module’s search bar integration allows the top five most popular products from the previous month to be dynamically displayed.

Effective algorithms were put in place to manage massive volumes of sales data and refresh the dropdown in real-time.


Backend Enhancement:

A solid backend architecture was created and put into place to manage product-related data effectively.

Methods for database optimization were used to manage the increasing volume of orders, products, and user data.

Incorporated security measures in place, such as user authentication, data encryption, and safe coding techniques.



Better User Experience:

Customers’ entire buying experience was improved by the redesigned product detail page, which had a more aesthetically pleasing and intuitive layout.

Improved Product Discoverability:

Customers could quickly browse popular products thanks to the search bar dropdown feature, which displayed the top five most-sold products from the preceding month.

Scalable Backend Infrastructure:

Even with a large user base, operations ran smoothly thanks to the enhanced backend system’s excellent handling of the growing volume of product data.

Enhanced Security:

The code base’s security was greatly enhanced by the use of user identification, data encryption, and secure coding techniques, which shielded client information from possible breaches.


Lulu & Stone effectively improved the user experience, boosted product discoverability, and established a secure code base by redesigning the product detail page by creating unique features, improving the backend architecture, and improving visual appeal. With the website revamped, clients can now buy with ease and the business’s expanding demands are being effectively handled.

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